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Ayers Island
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Ayers Island, LLC

We are devoted to developing Ayers Island in Orono Maine. Ayers Island is a 62 acre island in the Penobscot River just 2 miles from the University of Maine campus. Ayers Island contains a large old mill with some 360,000 square feet of space, as well as a large barn, and a handful of smaller buildings.

Directions to Ayers Island.

Our Mission

Our goal is to develop a commercial R&D facility in the town of Orono. This facility will work closely with the University of Maine to commercialize new research by providing an environment to support the development of new companies. Besides the companies themselves the facility will house businesses that will support these companies such as restaurants.

In addition, the Ayers Island development will include a conference center that can host workshops and small conferences. Ayers Island has a barn dating back to the Civil War era that will be restored and turned into a unique meeting hall.

Ayers Island will also have various public amenities such as an amphitheater on the banks of the Penobscot river. In addition, Ayers Island will have a variety of additional public facilities including nature trails, a sculpture garden, and a museum. 

We have made much progress and are now actively looking for partners to help develop some of these projects. Read our concept paper for more details.

We just recently completed a large engineering and financial study of the Ayers Island project. You can download the bulk of the report as a 6 MB zip file, or you can read the executive summary and see some of the architect's drawings on the Sebago Report page.

More details about the buildings are also available, as is a description of the key people working on this project, a summary of our various grants, some useful maps, a photo album and a history of the project.


Contact Information

George Markowsky
207-866-0362 x615
Postal address
One Ayers Island; Orono, ME 04473-3870
Electronic mail
General Information: markov@AyersIsland.com



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