1. Go to exit 50 (Orono -- Kelly Road) on I-95 and head east (right turn if you are heading north and left turn if you are heading south).
  2. Follow Kelly Road east until it ends at a T.
  3. Make a left and head north on Route 2.
  4. You will pass a state police barracks on the right as you go.
  5. Right after the state police barracks you will see a Big Apple convenience store.
  6. The Big Apple store sits on the corner of Island Ave. and Rte. 2.
  7. Make a right turn onto Island Ave. and drive to the bottom of the hill.
  8. Slow down at the bottom of the hill because people often run the stop signs there.
  9. Proceed across the one lane bridge directly in front of you.
  10. Bear left once you get onto Ayers Island and park at the left end of the large white building that you first see when you get onto the island.
  11. You will find a door at the left corner that will let you into the office area.