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Millennium Barn
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Since we hope to have the barn restored in time for the new millennium, we have named it the Millennium Barn. This is an amazing building approximately 105 feet long and 41 feet wide. It has a single story with the peak of the roof nearly 40 feet above the floor.

We intend to leave the interior of the Millennium Barn open and use it for meetings, concerts, lectures, dinners and other special events. Once completed it will have kitchen space, restrooms and storage space in an attached service building. This will be a unique space that will be suitable for many different occasions. It will be available for rent by the general public.

The Millennium Barn was apparently built some 140 years ago during the time of the Civil War. We have not had a chance yet to do careful historical research about the origins of the Millennium Barn and we will update this page once we complete our research. Below are some photos of the Millennium Barn. As usual, click on the small pictures to see a larger version.

Efforts are underway to restore the Millennium Barn to new glory. For more pictures and details click here.

We were very glad to discover that the Millennium Barn seems to have a close relative at the nearby University of Maine campus -- the Page Farm and Home Museum.


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