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Barn Repairs Are Going Full Blast

Critical Foundation Work Underway

August 7, 1999 -- Some much needed foundation work is proceeding on the Millennium Barn on Ayers Island. The work is being carried out by Ike & Sons Contracting Company, which specializes in barn restoration.

An earlier repair made on the barn consisted of dumping concrete over the original wooden floor in the barn. An estimated 30 tons of concrete was poured into the barn. It has now been all removed. The following pictures (click on the small pictures to see the larger pictures) show the concrete lying in the nearby gravel pit.

Concrete dumped in the gravel pit.

A closeup of the concrete used for a floor in the barn.


The following photos show some of the interior -- we apologize for the dark images.

A long distance shot of the barn's interior.

A shadowy figure in the barn.

Some daylight.

Here are some photos of the exterior.

Some beams going into the barn.

Some work will be required on this wall!

Finally, here is a shot taken from underneath the barn.

Gazing underneath the barn.

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