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Ayers Island

Ayers Island is located about two miles from the University of Maine campus and only about one mile from downtown Orono. The Bangor Bus stops two blocks away from the bridge to Ayers Island. You can easily ride a bike, take a bus, take a car or walk if you wish to get between Ayers Island and the University of Maine or Orono. Its proximity to the University makes it easy to hire students on a part-time basis and to use the advanced facilities of the University of Maine.

Currently the bridge linking Ayers Island to the rest of Orono is a single lane bridge. Efforts are underway to replace it by a two lane bridge.

It is a bit early in the restoration of Ayers Island, but we hope to have some space for rent in the not too distant future. Space should be available for offices, laboratories and manufacturing facilities in the Main Building. The Millennium Barn will be available for special events. Ayers Island is zoned for light industrial uses and can be used for a wide variety of commercial purposes.

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